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Los Angeles Solar Maintenance

Professional Maintenance for Solar Energy Systems

O&M Solar Services, LLC offers solar maintenance in Los Angeles to keep your solar energy system operating at peak efficiency. Whether it’s your car, air conditioning equipment, or solar energy system, regular maintenance is essential for ensuring that everything is working correctly and safely. Although solar panels have few moving parts which means there is less to go wrong, they still benefit from professional inspections and maintenance.

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Protect Your Investment with Routine Maintenance

Even if your solar energy system isn’t having any problems, professional maintenance should not be neglected. Scheduling regular solar maintenance will ensure that your system performs reliably for many years. When you are fastidious about maintenance, your solar system will remain productive and efficient for longer, which means a better return on investment for you.

The frequency with which maintenance is required can vary. For most properties, maintenance can be scheduled every two years or so, depending on the system. You should also check and clean the panels a few times a year to keep them clean and working efficiently.

Comprehensive Inspection & Tune-Up

Fortunately, solar panels don’t need a lot of frequent maintenance. However, it is important to have them checked by a professional periodically to make sure the energy output is optimal, and the system is working safely and efficiently. Our technicians will perform a comprehensive diagnostic check to assess the various parts of your solar energy system.

During our inspection, we will check the:

  • Solar inverter and any error codes
  • Solar interconnection breaker
  • Electrical wiring
  • Junction boxes
  • Panels and surrounding area for dirt or shade problems

In addition, we will make sure your solar energy system is in compliance with all state and local codes and laws. The safety of our customers is our utmost priority, so we always check that the original installer adequately performed the installation according to all state and local regulatory requirements. This can help minimize the risk of encountering problems or serious hazards.

How You Can Help Maintain Your System

While solar maintenance should be left to a professional for safety reasons, there are things you can do to maximize energy output and efficiency. The goal of a solar energy system is to get the greatest benefit from the sun to meet your energy needs. Keeping your panels clean and free of debris is the best thing you can do to optimize energy output.

You can help keep your solar panels clean by:

  • Clearing the leaves, a leaf blower can be used
  • Spraying them down with a garden hose to remove dirt and dust
  • Only clean them in the early morning or late afternoon, as hotter temperatures can damage your panels
  • Check the area around the solar panels for branches, leaves, and other debris
  • Schedule professional solar maintenance

Your safety should always be the top priority. If you can’t reach the panels, don’t put yourself in danger to get them clean. Contact a professional for solar cleaning and maintenance to make sure the work is performed safely and efficiently.

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Why Choose O&M Solar Services?

  • Making Renewable Energy Attainable to Everyone

    We offer the financing options and rebates needed to make the switch to solar. We also offer matched pricing and free initial proposals.

  • Helping Reduce the Planet's Carbon Footprint

    Our goal is to transition society away from dirty fossil fuel, and towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

  • Involved in Community Development

    Actively recruiting within the local community to create training and employment opportunities for veterans, the homeless, and disadvantaged youths.

  • Delivering Complete Turnkey Solutions

    Homeowners, businesses, schools, and nonprofits who want to reduce their monthly utility bills.

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