Clean Energy That Everyone Can Benefit From

Reduce electric spending for more predictable bills, all while bettering the environment and improving your overall home comfort.

Los Angeles Solar Company

Providing Affordable Solar Solutions to Residential & Commercial Customers

At O&M Solar Services, LLC, we are proud to provide industry-leading solar services in Los Angeles and surrounding communities with speed and accuracy. Our team is committed to community advancement, and we work with several nonprofits to provide solar solutions to disadvantaged communities throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.

We offer solar panel installation, solar storage options, and maintenance for:

  • Multi-Residential Solar – Most multi-residential units have homeowners’ associations (HOAs) that charge communal fees to cover shared expenses and utilities. At O&M Solar Services, LLC, we work with these organizations to reduce costs by installing solar photovoltaic (PV) technology in communities. All of the members benefit from cleaner electricity, and everyone enjoys higher savings from lower energy costs.
  • Residential Solar – For most homeowners, your house is both your most valuable asset and biggest debt. Smart home improvements like solar roofing can help you increase your home’s value. By installing solar, your home is transformed into a money-saving asset no longer at the mercy of fluctuating utility rates. There is no reason to pay for electricity from the grid when choosing solar makes it possible for you to generate free energy at home? Adding solar panels increase your property value and save you money each month! It’s a winning solution.
  • Commercial Solar – Commercial customers are always looking for ways to cut operating costs to improve the bottom line of your business. By choosing solar, you can increase your bottom line by creating your own energy. Creating energy from free sun rays will make it possible for you to control your utility expenses.

If you are ready to make the transition to solar energy and you live in Los Angeles or one of the surrounding communities, call in the experts from O&M Solar Services, LLC at (424) 310-0085 for more information or a free proposal. Customers can also contact us online.

Clean, Reliable, Renewable Energy 

Offering turnkey solar solutions to Southern Californians who want to be a part of the renewable energy movement. Our solar solutions pay for themselves – guaranteed. This means you can invest in free sunshine without taking on any risk whatsoever.

We’re More Than Just a Solar Company

Solar power is an innovative and wonderful technology that could revolutionize the lives of many lower-income families if it were less expensive. Unfortunately, the cost of solar installation is out of reach for many families. At O&M Solar Services LLC, we realize not everyone can afford to go solar, but our team is committed to doing our part to help the community we love. Our Los Angeles solar company believes that no one should be excluded from enjoying the environmental and financial benefits sunshine offers to us all.

At O&M Solar Services, our hope for the future is to see clean energy solutions in every home, which is why we support many of the leading low income and multifamily housing solar programs. Our solar specialists are more than just contractors. We have a genuine commitment and belief in the benefits of sunshine energy being shared by all. We are active leaders in several clean energy access programs.

Through our work with the SOMAH (Solar on Multifamily Housing) program, which offers monetary incentives in California to install PV energy systems on affordable multifamily housing, we have expanded access to renewable energy solutions. We also work with the Grid Alternative to advocate for solar energy in low-income housing areas. Our philanthropic work helps bring solar technology benefits to communities typically left on the sidelines. We continue to work within disadvantaged communities in Los Angeles to offer training and employment opportunities within the communities we serve.

  • The owners care about your overall experience

    “I appreciate the fact that they dedicate time to keeping you updated every step of the way on the project.”

    - Ken C.
  • I'm happy I hired them to do the solar at my house.

    “As a customer I had many questions and concerns and they were very patient and understanding, they came out and were very professional about the business.”

    - Lisa H.
  • Awesome firm.

    “Extremely helpful in explaining the whole process to me while interviewing him on the solar industry in Southern California for a school project!”

    - Daniel K.


  • Making Renewable Energy Attainable to Everyone

    We offer the financing options and rebates needed to make the switch to solar. We also offer matched pricing and free initial proposals.

  • Helping Reduce the Planet's Carbon Footprint

    Our goal is to transition society away from dirty fossil fuel, and towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

  • Involved in Community Development

    Actively recruiting within the local community to create training and employment opportunities for veterans, the homeless, and disadvantaged youths.

  • Delivering Complete Turnkey Solutions

    Homeowners, businesses, schools, and nonprofits who want to reduce their monthly utility bills.